Unspoken fabric - Traditional Village Handcraft Culture From GuiZhou Province of China
Yao Yuang Yuang, community development worker
Sep 6th @ UTC 14:00 - 15:00

Hello this is Angel Yao, come from GuiZhou province locates in the south west of China where had rich and variety of minorities culture,there are 49 different minorities living In my province.
I was born in GuiZhou province then I had master degree of tourism management in University of Derby.after 4 years UK life experience I back BeiJing China, over ten years working in top 500 fortune company which are GE, Foxconn, Lenovo and HP As project manager, my last project in HP is “Angel’s Eye”, which is the first HP laptop special design for people with visual problems, with 147 key combinations gestures and 34 easy to learn course could help people with visual problems start their internet life by " listening " instead of “See”, as originator CEO award this project after my name. After that I established my own social enterprise organization in BeJing, Continues a project call “A family life” which is a community dining restaurant run by 34 people with hearing problems, Award Yue by British culture council in 2015. Then I back my hometown start field research among 500 villages, I do believe every minority had their own spiritual land allowing the villagers close to their ancestors and under their protection, living peacefully, their ethnic handcrafts are all amazing by materials making, patterns and religions expressions etc. Those rich ethnic culture are part of the diversities culture of our global village and they are interesting and important to share in many ways. Therefore we are here to explore the code.
Will show you two cases study from Miao and GE minority both of them don’t have written language, make traditions costume is the their way of “unspoken fabric talks story”

姚元元 文化保存工作者
9/06 UTC 14:00 - 15:00 (台灣晚上十點)

您好,我叫姚元元(Angel Yao),來自貴州省,位於中國西南部,擁有豐富多樣的少數民族文化,中國省內有49個不同的少數民族。我出生於貴州省,然後在德比大學獲得旅遊管理碩士學位。在英國工作了4年之後,我回到了中國北京,在GE,富士康,聯想和HP As項目的500強財富公司中工作了超過十年。經理,我在惠普的最後一個項目是「天使之眼」,這是第一款針對視力障礙者的惠普筆記本電腦特殊設計,具有147個按鍵組合手勢和34個易於學習的課程,可以幫助有視力障礙的人們通過「聆聽」而不是「看」,因為創始人CEO以我的名字授予了這個項目。之後,我在北京建立了自己的社會企業組織,繼續進行名為「家庭生活」的項目,這是一個由34位有聽力障礙的人經營的社區餐廳,2015年獲得英國文化委員會頒發的岳悅獎。然後,我回到了家鄉在500個村莊中進行的實地研究表明,我確實相信每個少數民族都有自己的屬靈之地,可以讓村民與祖先保持親密關係,並在他們的保護下和平生活,他們的民族手工藝品在材料製作,圖案和宗教表達等方面都令人讚嘆。文化是我們地球村多樣性文化的一部分,它們在許多方面有趣且重要。因此,我們在這裡探索代碼。我將向您展示兩個來自苗族和(亻革)少數民族的案例研究,他們兩個都沒有書面語言,製作傳統服裝是他們「無言以對布的故事」的方式。


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