部落對抗機器(Tribe Against Machine)是一個持續的推測式研究計劃,創始於 2017 年與野桐工坊合作舉辦的電子織品夏令營,短期的創造了智慧材料和文化保存領域之間令人興奮且深具潛力跨域合作。之後又與智利策展人瑪利亞(Maria Jose Riòs)和里加多(Ricardo Vega)策劃的 I_C Project 在結合古老天文資料視覺化與織品穿戴等領域上合作,我們希望繼續透過尋找更具宇宙感的史觀來尋找更多創造藝術品的方法,繼續深化並形成新的學科。

Tribe Against Machine is an ongoing speculative research project that was initiated in 2017 in collaboration with the Lihan Workshop, hosting an e-textiles summer camp. In the short term, it has created exciting and highly promising interdisciplinary collaborations between smart materials and the field of cultural preservation. Subsequently, through collaboration with Chilean curators Maria Jose Riòs and Ricardo Vega for the I_C Project, which integrates ancient astronomical culture, data art, and wearable art, we aim to continue exploring a more cosmic perspective to discover additional artistic approaches. By deepening our research, we aspire to continue forming and evolving new curriculums.

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